Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kuselan Audio ON 30

Kuselan audio launch is slated to take place in Le Royal Meridien Hotel on June 30, 2008. All leading actors from Tollywood and Kollywood will take part in this audio launch function. Some of the film’s songs will have exceptional special effects, the computer graphics work for which are in progress at present. This will be over by the end of June or in the first week of July. Therefore, it is sure that the film will be released in July.

Not only will the songs have special effects, they will also have special stars of Kollywood. Yes! A song of this film which celebrates the completion of 75 years of Tamil Cinema will feature Ajith, Vijay, Vikram, Suriya, and Dhanush alongside Rajinikanth.

This song will exalt the contribution and effort of every individual involved in the making of a cinema, right from the light boy to the director and producer of a film. In fact, every Rajni film has a song that upholds the dignity of labour and exalts the work of the most ignored contributor. For example Annamalai had ‘Vandenda paalkaren’; Uzhaippazhi had ‘Uzhaippazhi illatha’ exalting the contribution of porters and those who did menial jobs; Basha had ‘Naan Autokaaran’ recognising the service by autorickshaw drivers; and Chandramukhi had ‘Devuda Devuda’, which recognized vital but ignored contributors of the society like barbers, cleaners, and so on.