Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cheran Lashes Priyamani

Director-turned-actor Cheran is currently working on his forthcoming project Pokkisham. This is a sequel to his mega hit film Autograph. Speaking about Padma Priya's selection, Cheran said that he found her to be the only actress who was bold enough to sign a film that gives importance to the female lead. The actor rued that most heroines lament

that women are not given importance in films but when actually offered meaty roles on a platter they refuse it for obvious reasons. Lashing out at the National Award winner Priya Mani, Cheran said that he had offered the role in Pokkisham to her initially, but the actress evaded giving him a reply. He also added that the actress refused to accept his calls. On a final note, Cheran said that Priya Mani, rather than relying on her capabilities is banking on her pride.