Saturday, August 02, 2008

Nayan sizzles in Kuselan!

Whoever saw the movie Kuselan at the special screening held last evening has come away raving about it. Kuselan is very different from the usual Rajni masala entertainer, in that Rajni comes for only about 60 minutes or around 3 reels.

Nayantara, who is the superstar’s jodi, has sizzled on the screen, giving one of her best performances to date. In her meteoric rise to fame as the highest-paid South Indian actress so far, Nayantara’s first movie that Tamil moviegoers remember her by is Chandramukhi where she was Rajni’s love interest. After that, there has been no looking back for the starry-eyed Malayalee beauty.And now again, she is back with the Superstar in Kuselan. In the many publicity stills of Kuselan that we have all seen so far, Nayantara exudes a sensuality and confidence that most heroines are still struggling to perfect. She has been the perfect foil for the superstar without fading into the background.

Watch out for Nayan in the ‘Saaral Oh Saaral’ song. There will be plenty of whistles and catcalls in theatres during that song!