Saturday, August 09, 2008

Some facts about Marmayogi

After the success of his Dasavathaaram, Kamal Haasan has already started work on his next project titled Marmayogi, which is set against the backdrop of the seventh century BC. The latest news is this movie will have a whopping budget of Rs. 150 crores!

A cutting-edge digital camera – RED ONE Digital Cinema, which can shoot Ultra High Definition 4K images that have five times the resolution of all previous HD cameras – would be used for shooting Marmayogi. Since the camera's daily rent is around Rs. 30,000, the producer plans to purchase a new camera instead of taking it on hire.

Kamal is planning to use the footage from his dream project Maruthanayagam that was started way back; about thirty minutes of the film was canned at a cost running into crores and then, the project went into hibernation. Now Kamal wants to ensure that at least some amount spent for Maruthanayagam can be used for Marmayogi.

Sources say that Hema Malini, who played a brief role in Kamal's Hey Raam, has been roped in to play a negative role in Marmayogi. If this news is true, it will be her first negative role in an illustrious career spanning over three decades.