Friday, April 11, 2008

Ajith and Nayanthara under surveillance

Aegan, the current project of Ajithkumar being directed by dance master Raju Sundaram is getting canned at a steady pace. After completing shooting at overseas locations, the unit is currently stationed at Vizag and is quickly wrapping up the schedule there. Director has chosen Vizag so as to avoid the crowd that generally throngs around the lead stars here. However he has been proved wrong and the shooting spot at Vizag is being continuously visited by fans of both Ajith and Nayanthara who are very popular.

Fans are very eager to take pictures with their favorite stars and talk to them and spend time with them. As a result shooting gets interrupted. Having found it an uphill task to protect the lead stars from the fans, director has opted for a private security that will be in charge of the star’s protection and ensure that the shooting proceeds smoothly.