Friday, April 11, 2008

Robot - The meaningless rumors!

We had reported that Sujatha’s unfortunate demise would be a stumbling block for Robot while praying that the prediction should fail. But how can the loss of a great writer such as Sujatha not affect a creative team, it has, and as a result Robot will be delayed. Bad news, but that is the truth. Though we don’t now the full details of the reschedule in the making of Robot it is confirmed that the movie won’t go on floors by April-May, the start will be postponed at least until May. This is due to the script and dialogue works that have to be completed in the void created by Sujatha’s absence. It might be fair enough to estimate that the movie will not take off until after June.

While this might not look to be of great significance given that Rajini has made himself available without any other commitments after Kuselan, the real problem is going to b with the dates of Aishwarya Rai. She is currently at the peak of her powers with offers flooding her and it is pretty well known that she has granted her dates to Mani Ratnam’s next project which will have Abhishek with her once again after Guru. This film will mark the return of Mani Ratnam to the small, charming romance. Aishwarya has reportedly given dates up until June for the proposed shoots of Robot and plans to join the sets of Mani’s film immediately after that. Now, this delay will throw all her plans into turmoil. Though Mani might understand the situation that Robot is in, and being a close friend of Rajini might try to work out some kind of arrangement, that might not be of great help because even Abhishek is in no position to make any adjustments. He is currently in the US shooting for Karan Johar’s production Dostana. Also, his movies such as Drona and Dilli 6 are in various stages of production.

So, the casting and planning of Robot is in a spot now. Various suggestions and ideas are doing the rounds that include shooting all of Rajini’s solo portions and fights first and scheduling Aishwarya’s shoots for later. But only Shankar, the one man who knows fully the requirements of Robot can take a decision on this. Meanwhile, there have been some meaningless rumors that have started floating around saying that Aishwarya Rai has opted out of Robot. Now, this is blasphemous, at least at this stage. Aishwarya’s casting was a carefully made decision after much thought from both sides and a mere two month delay will not undo that. If Aishwarya has opted out of any movie, it is Pan Nalin’s Buddha, where she was cast as Yashodhara.

With the current troubles Robot needs all the support that it can get, being Tamil cinema’s biggest dream yet. We have to be patient because the movie is a coming together of all that is big and mighty in Indian cinema- Superstar, Shankar, Eros, Ayngaran and Aishwarya-such combinations are not very easy to handle. Let’s hope everything is sorted out and Robot gets a free run until completion - even if it means a couple of months or even more of a delay. Good things never happen in a hurry.