Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aamir leads, many blog along

When some men take the lead others follow. Only a few men can make people follow without persuasion and Aamir Khan seems to be one of them. Following a good example is not a bad thing, the only condition being that the pioneer must not be replicated. Every inspiration must have its own identity, only time will tell whether everyone has managed a distinct identity. We are talking about the new craze that Aamir seems to have sparked off in Bollywood. No, it is not the shaving of the head or refusing awards, it is as simple as blogging. Well, blogging was a simple thing just a few a months back but after Aamir’s personal blog became very popular with his fans many film personalities have discovered that it is indeed a great way to keep in touch with fans, get constructive feedback and realize certain ground realities without having to go into a crowd and running the risk of being mobbed, as Shriya might know.

So, as an offshoot of Aamir Khan’s blog we now have three other personalities who have launched their own. Amrita Rao, then item girl Koena Mitra and the latest addition - ace director Kunal Kohli. Now, each of them claims to be different. And they are different. Kunal Kohli has said that he will not use his blog to promote his films, only to receive feedback from the audience first hand. Amrita Rao’s is more of a full-fledged site with filmographies, biographies etc, while Koena Mitra’s blog is a lot more personal. It seems like a means to counter the umpteen number of stories that keep circulating about her in the media, all thanks to her item girl image.

Aamir lead and 3 followed. Any other takers?