Thursday, April 10, 2008

Madonna to adopt Indian kid

It’s taken six months to get Malawian officials to let Madonna mother a Malawian child, and one would think she would be over with her adopting dreams. But no!

Madonna, in spite of Guy Richie’s difference of opinion, wanted to adopt an African child. However, the adoption procedures were a total putoff and so the pop legend decided to let go of the aspiration for the time being. The couple were busy working their way through Malawian law and have at last been declared okay to adopt a Malwaian kid who will now move in with them into their London home. But instead of sitting back and enjoying being with her newly-adopted son, is now considering her next adoption. This time Madonna has decided it will be a child from India!

Guy Richie, however, is not too inclined towards the idea, but Madonna always has her way. The couple and their kids were recently in India and she was very much taken in with the country, its people and their culture. And has hence set her mind on giving an underprivileged Indian tot a life.