Thursday, April 10, 2008

Britney makes breakthrough

Ever since her separation from her second husband Kevin Federline, Britney Spears has been going through rough times. She seems to have been fighting with her own public image, damaging it time and again with her rather outrageous behaviour.

She was in an out of rehab owing to her alcoholic problems, and has even gone in for psychiatric evaluation following some inexplicable outbursts. Losing custody over her kids to Kevin only escalated her instability. Her comeback stage performance at the MTV Awards was a disaster and every other public appearance since has been blown out of proportion. Now however, after years of snubbing the media and being snubbed in return, at last the there is something good to write about the star.

Britney’s recent appearance on the TV show ‘How I Met your Mother’, which at first was criticized, turned out to be the best thing she’s done in ages! While shooting for the show, Britney said that she was having a blast and when the show was aired, the TV station had a blast! TRPs for the show increased manifold as viewership increased by over 3 million people! And now they want to have her on one more show as well, but she has to be available, of course!

It’s like her song goes, whether she’s neck-deep in scandal or washed spotlessly clean, somebody always wants a piece of her!